Wacky Races

A light hearted fun alternative to ‘Its A Knockout’ and a bit Crazier than our classic School Sports Day Races, our Wacky Races package is designed to be fun, encourage team work and features 6 seriously silly games.

Complete with all games equipment, popup tent, outdoor PA System, professional lively host, time keeper, lane markers, bunting and prizes for the winning team.

The Games:

  • Crazy Caterpillars (Race down the course in our Giant caterpillar tracks)
  • Ski Sunday (Complete the course using our 4 man skis)
  • Wet Sponge Relay (Pass the wet sponges down the course and collect as much water as you can)
  • The Show Jump Challenge ( Bounce your way to victory on our inflatable ponies )
  • The Sumo Olympics ( A relay race involving giant athlete costumes ) 
  • Run the Gauntlet ( Manoeuvre the giant balls around the course ) 

Additional Information:

The space required for our Wacky Races will depend on the number of teams competing, but 15m x 50m is a good starting point or roughly a 1/4 of a football pitch.

This event can only be played on grass due to safety reasons and we will require an area of preferably flat grass please.

Running time will be around 2 hours upwards depending on the number of teams taking part.

Suitable for use by both children and adults

The Maximum number competing at once will be 20 Teams of 10 people.

Run the Gauntlet

Pony Hop 2012

Crazy Catts

Wacky Races