Team Apprentice

Will you be hired or fired ? that is the question !

The BBC’s Apprentice is an unmissable television show with all of the key elements to make a great team building event.

The scene is set as Sir Alec enters the room to the theme of the apprentice and gives the opening brief.

This is where your challenge begins and during the course of the event you will have to take part in The Dash for Cash, The Auction, The Campaign and The Presentation.

Following each of the tasks the teams will go in front of our board of judges who will decide which team is hired, and which teams are fired.

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Benefits Communication * Listening * Team Cohesion * Fun for all
Group Size From 10 to 100
Duration From 3 to 6 hours
Location Nationwide

For further information then please call our event team today on 01403 780900