Sound and Lighting for sale

Sound Equipment:

DJ Mixing Desk & CD Players 1Dj Mixer 1

A set of Denon DN2600F Twin CD players and a Numark C3 5 channel DJ mixer all set in an angled 10u flight case.

All clean and tidy, ready to go and in great condition.

Cost: £

DJ Mixing Desk & Twin CD Players 2 ( Available January 2016 ) 

A set of Denon DN4500 Twin CD Players and a Denon DNX500 DJ Mixer all set in a 10u Kam Case.

Cost: £

Denon DNX1500 MixerDenon DNX1500 

Cost: £

Mixer Flight Case for Denon / Pioneer DJ MixersMixer Case

Made my Swan Flight and in excellent condition

Cost” £

Denon DNS3500 CD PlayersDENON DNS3500

2 available

Cost: £ each

Flight Cases for Denon / Pioneer CDJ PlayersCDJ Case

2 available

Cost: £ each

Behringer PMP1000 Powered Mixing DeskPMP1000

Cost: £

Flight Case for Behringer PMP1000

Cost: £

Behringer Xenyx 1002 Mixing Desk

Cost: £

Behringer VMX DJ Mixer

Cost: £

Behringer Xenyx 1002

Complete Turbosound PA System

The Peach Big Blue Sound system is up for sale and consists of the following:

8 x Turbosound TSE 118 Bass Bins

6 x Turbosound TSE 111 Mid / High Boxes

8 x padded covers and all speakers have foam grills

1 x Amp / Drive rack with 3 x QSC RMX2450 Amplifiers and 1 x ETA 20 DSP and all speak on cables to suit


Speaker Stack 2

Speaker Stack 1

Speaker Stacks 3






Cost: £ 4,000.00 + Vat

Turbosound Impact 120 Speakers 

The last pair we have available of these amazing little speakers.


They’re a bit marked but work perfectly and come complete with a pair of Falcon padded covers.

Cost: £ 300.00 + Vat

EV SX300 Speakers ( Available January 2016 ) 

A pair of EV SX300 speakers complete with covers and in excellent condition.

Cost: £ 400.00 + Vat

MC2 Power Amplifier

Cost: £

QSC PLX3402 Power Amplifier

Cost: £

Crown XLS402 Power Amplifier

Cost: £

DMX 231S Graphic Equalizer 

Cost: £

Behringer Di BoxesDi Box

2 available

Cost £ each


Shure SM58 Vocal MicrophonesSM58

We have 3 available in total and all come complete with a bag, and mic clip.

All in excellent condition

Cost: £ 50.00 + Vat each

Shure SM57 Instrument MicrophonesSM57

We have 3 available in total and all come complete with a bag, and mic clip.

All in excellent condition

Cost: £ 50.00 + Vat each

Shure Beta 57 Hand Held Microphone

A little older than the SM58’s but still in good condition and perfect working order

Cost: £ 35.00 + Vat

Shure PG58 MicrophoneBeta57

Cost: £ 18.00 + Vat

Shure PG48 Microphone

Cost: £ 15.00 + Vat

AKG D3700 Vocal Microphone 

Cost: £ 20.00 + Vat

Lighting Equipment



Starcloth DJ BoothLED-Starcloth-Booth 

Made by ….

Cost: £ 350.00 + Vat

Martin Wizard Lighting EffectWizard 

Cost: £ 300.00 + Vat

Ultimax Lighting Stands 

We have 8 available all together

Cost £

Power Drive Wind Up Lighting Stands 

A pair of …..

Cost: £