Oversight Agreement Ireland

Under the 2016 Code of Conduct for the Management of Public Entities, departments are required to have written supervisory agreements with public authorities under their aegis. The monitoring agreement for 2018-2021 is available here. This agreement is reviewed annually by the Department and the QQI. One of the new aspects of the revised Code of Conduct for the Management of Public Entities (2016) is the harmonization and improvement of agreements between departments and umbrella agencies, including to improve clarity of roles and responsibilities, performance expectations, reporting obligations and accountability. The code recommends the development and adoption of a monitoring agreement and benefit agreement for any relationship between the department and the state, which will include measurable results and results to improve performance dialogue. However, for these agreements to be useful and effective, public sector managers must have a solid understanding and assessment of the reasons and context behind them, their most important content, and their ability to develop, approve and use key performance indicators (KPIS). . This course has been modified for online delivery. This is a two-hour course that includes a 10-minute break. It is delivered remotely via MS teams and is facilitated by experts.

. Criminal Assets Bureau Oversight Agreement 2020-2022 Please note that while all governance agreements between the department and sub-divisions are reviewed annually, some agreements cover a period of more than one year. Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board Oversight Agreement 2020-2022 Central Bookings Office Institute of Public Administration 57-61 Lansdowne Road, Dublin D04 TC62 Tel: (01) 240 3666 Fax: (01) 668 9135 Email: training@ipa.ie . Legal Aid Board Performance Delivery Agreement 2020 Reservations must be received in writing via a booking form or online booking option (see below). At the end of this “Oversight of State Bodies” course, participants will have the following cancellation conditions: Please note that in the event of cancellation, less than 48 hours of work will be billed before the start of the course. Cancellation fees also apply to non-arrivals per day. . Irish Film Classification Office Oversight Agreement 2020 2022 .

National Disability Authority Oversight Agreement 2020 – 2022 Fee: The cost of this online course is 160 euros per person. All IAP courses are subject to the minimum number of participants and bookings are usually closed one week before the start of the course. . Property Services Regulatory Authority Performance Delivery Agreement 2020 . Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) reports its results to its department, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, through a Performance Delivery Agreement (PDA).


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