Lump Sum Agreement Traduzione

Each DRG package is temporarily limited (“higher border stay time” OGVD). a 6-month subsidy up to the amount of the last unemployment benefit plus a lump sum of EUR 300 for social security; The capital requirement for LGHA I for at least 150 days; by the equipment exchanged, then you only have to pay a package of 25 euros, you will each receive a package of 500,000 euros and 1.25 million euros for your research project, which you can use flexibly over a period of five years. Employees will receive a lump sum to cover accommodation, catering, local travel expenses, telecommunications, insurance (travel), cancellation fees and minor expenses. Lump sums and aid rates are based on the provisions of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Department of Education and Research. In exchange for a lump sum payment, students are picked up upon arrival in Germany at Dortmund Central Station or Airport and receive individual assistance while they move to their new city. Vuoi aggiungere una parola, una frase o una traduzione? A package is calculated per day based on diagnosis, treatment, procedures and other factors. Only 23% of companies impose a proportional lump sum for the count. Companies also often mention fixed lump sums, a general reduction in hourly rates and discounts on quantities. The client is expressly entitled to prove that the damage has not occurred at all or that it is less than the lump sum. Appropriate lump sums may be set for the payment of personal expenses, with the agreement of the Ministry of Science and Arts. Then the lump sum is available for an additional 9 months. CHF 5,000 (basic subsidy) provided the benefits are stipulated in a binding agreement between the publisher and the author. The package for doctoral theses and empowerment has been set at CHF 8000; For some apartments, you have a lump sum payment for water and gas; Currently, participants from international partner countries (ICCCs) can opt for a financial contribution in the form of a package.

Given the proposal to incorporate corrections into lump sums, maintenance should be limited to 10% in the system that came into effect until 2000. The DRG – “diagnostic group “) covers the general hospital service (z.B. housing, nursing, food, most medicines, most medical devices). If this lump sum is not sufficient to cover production costs, additional assistance may be requested. The 1200 different DG lump sums depend on different diagnoses that will be relevant during hospitalization and so-called procedures that constitute major medical services, such as surgery.B.


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