It’s a Knockout

It’s a Knockout is a fun packed event with teams competing in a number of games to become the overall champions of the day.

Adapted from the original BBC Show in the 1970’s, our It’s a Knockout is certainly the most fun packed activity we provide and ideal for a team challenge or charity event.

Our It’s a Knockout package is second to none and comes complete with all games, props, professional staff, outdoor sound system, generators and prizes.

Our lively compere will guide the teams through the event and with nearly 30 years experience we’ll guarantee you’ll be laughing all the way back to the office !

It's a Knockout

It's a Knockout

Our most popular games:

  • Crazy Caterpillars (Race down the course in our Giant caterpillar tracks, jump out and crawl through the tunnels then back )
  • Wet Sponge Relay (Pass the wet sponges down the course and collect as much water as you can )
  • The Show Jump Challenge ( Bounce your way to victory on our inflatable ponies )
  • Chicken Run ( A relay race involving giant chicken costumes & an inflatable assault course )
  • Run the Gauntlet ( Manoeuvre the giant balls around the course )
  • Puzzle Mania ( Run the the pit, find a piece of puzzle, complete the inflatable course & then build the puzzle )

What we provide:

A main arena will be erected with colourful bunting, and all of the games and equipment.

The arena will be supervised at all times by our professional host, a minimum of two arena staff and our time keeper to ensure fair play.

Our staff are fun, friendly and helpful and will assist the teams in any way they can.

What you provide:

All we require from you is the venue, the teams and if you want to get wet, then lots of water of course !

We would suggest that teams of ten players should be selected prior to the event, they should be over 16 and be fit and able as It’s a Knockout is a fairly energetic activity.

It’s a Knockout can be played by a minimum of two teams and a maximum of 30 teams of 10 players, all playing at once.

Although our staff are all first aid trained we would advise having an additional medical presence on site such as St Johns, The Red Cross or a private medical company which we can provide for an additional charge.

Additional Information:

The space required for an It’s a Knockout will depend on the number of teams competing, but 30m x 60m is a good starting point or roughly half a football pitch.

Our It’s a Knockout can only be played on grass due to safety reasons and we will require an area of preferably flat grass please.

Children’s It’s a Knockouts can also be supplied as a separate event or during breaks from the adult games.

As a safety precaution we always separate the child and adult activities.

It’s a Knockout can be played by a minimum of two teams and a maximum of 40 teams of 10 players, all playing at once.

Running time will be approximately 2 hours upwards depending on the number of teams taking part.

Benefits Working Together * Fun for all
Group Size From 10 to 400
Duration From 2 to 4 hours
Location Nationwide

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