Inflatable Games

Assault Course Small

Our new giant assault course is 48ft long, 10ft wide and 11ft high. It has a host of obstacles to tackle including biff’n’bash wobblers, hi-low mangle beams, squeeze holes, a small wall to climb as well as a large slide at the end of the run.

Suitable for over 3’s to 10 year 

Assault Course Large

Our giant half pipe assault course measures 100ft long and is full of fun

things to tackle including biffers and bashers, squeeze bars, a wall and a slide.

Suitable for over 5’s

Beach Volleyball

An enormous beach themed inflatable measuring 40ft x 20ft and standing
over 16ft tall to contain all the action.

Seven players each side can play at a time as they bounce around on our inflatable volleyball court.

Suitable for over 7’ 

Bouncy Castles

Our Largest castle measures 18ft x 18ft and is Medieval themed.

This unit comes complete with safety mats as well as an experienced

operator to ensure the children are playing safely at all times and that

the younger ones get to bounce separately from the older ones.

Suitable for toddlers to 14 years 

Basketball Challenge

A fantastic game where players attempt to throw the ball through the hoop.

With 3 hoops this brightly coloured inflatable will occupy children

and adults alike.

Suitable for over 5’s 

Bouncy Boxing

A 15ft foot square inflatable with netted sides to contain all the action.

Participants wear gigantic foam filled boxing gloves and try to knock down their opponent while remaining standing themselves !

Suitable for over 10’s 

Bungee Run

A 30ft long inflatable game where two contestants run as fast as they can to beat their opponent before a bungee rope harnessed to them pulls them back to the start.

Suitable for over 7’s 


Based on the popular TV show contestants stand on raised padded podiums surrounded by an inflatable mattress, complete with a safe surrounding wall.

With helmets and Pugil sticks  – Let the battle commence !

Suitable for over 7’s 

Giant Slide

Something really ‘Big’ for your event. The Mega Slide has a base area of

30ft x 18ft and is 18ft high. The kids clamber up one side and whiz down

the other.

A great centre piece for any event as it can be seen by all attending and

comes complete with and operator to control the action.

Suitable for 2 to 14 years 

Human Table Football

This is a game of table football – but human sized! With an inflatable pitch

measuring 50ft x 25 ft, the game is played by teams of up to seven a side.

Each player holds on to their hand straps which are attached to solid plastic

poles attempting to score a goal by only moving sideways.

Suitable for over 7’s 

Laser Quasar

Laser Quasar is an inflatable Space Ship measuring 15m square.

Each player is given a body harness and a Laser Gun and instructed to enter

the ship and start to explore.

Laser beams cut through the smoke filled air as you fire at your opponents,

running through the nine chambers in the ship.

Serious fun with a laser gun !!

Suitable for over 7’s 

Soft Play Arena

This 20ft square Soft Play Centre is suitable for children up to the age of

3 years old and will hold up to 10 children at any one time.

An ideal attraction for the little ones.

Suitable from 1 to 3 years 

Sumo Wrestling

Contestants wear giant padded Sumo suits & safety hats and attempt to

push their opponent out of the ring.

Three rounds decide the winner as the contestants grunt and groan their

way to victory !

Suitable for over 10’s 

Children’s Sumo Wrestling – Suitable for over 5’s to 10

As above but made for children

Velcro Football

A 25ft x 15ft inflatable bed with a 12ft high inflatable

The object of the game is to kick footballs past our goalie and score by

sticking the footballs on the Velcro wall.

Suitable for over 5’s