Head 2 Head Challenge

Ever tried eating 3 Cream Crackers in 1 minute without any water to help? How about moving Smarties with a straw? No, well these are just 2 of the tasks that you might face during our Head 2 Head Challenge !

Once the teams are inside the box of challenges they are faced with a multitude of fiendish puzzles and tasks. The aim is to complete as many of these as possible in the time allocated.

There are various types of tasks that are split into two categories, those that must be completed in the timeframe and those that must be practised and mastered before the team faces the judges.

There will be periods throughout the event when your team have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to our instructors.

The challenges are given a rating of 1 to 3 based on their difficulty. Teams must use their problem-solving skills, demonstrate good time management, identify the skills of their team members and plan to gain the maximum score under pressure.

This versatile team building event can fit into any timeframe (from 1 hour) and the sheer variety of tasks means that there is something for everyone to get stuck in to.

Benefits Communication * Team Cohesion * Working under pressure * Fun for all
Group Size From 10 to 300
Duration From 1 to 3 hours
Location Nationwide

For further information then please call our event team today on 01403 780900