Grand Prix Challenge

Have you ever wanted to build your very own F1 Racing Car ?

Well now’s your chance !

For indoors or Outside, The Grand Prix Challenge is an ideal event to encourage your staff to work together to achieve a common goal.

The teams will have 2 hours to design and build their very own life sized F1 car using only the materials given to them.

Each team must create a brand and logo and then give a presentation explaining how and why they came up with their team name.

The teams must also decorate their overalls and baseball caps with their logo’s and any sponsorship. This will ensure there’s plenty to do for each team taking part.

Once the presentations are over and the race marshals have awarded points for the design and build of the cars then it’s over to the race track for the finale….. The race !

The scores will then be calculated, the winners announced and the prizes awarded.

F1 Challenge

Grand Prix Challenge2

Grand Prix Challenge4

Grand Prix Challenge6

Grand Prix Challenge7






Benefits Communication * Listening * Team Cohesion * Working under pressure * Fun for all
Group Size From 8 to 120
Duration From 2 to 3 hours
Location Nationwide

For further information then please call our event team today on 01403 780900