Fun Casino Tables

The atmosphere created by roulette, blackjack, poker and craps tables, leads to a crescendo

with everything hanging on the final spin of the wheel or throw of the dice, making it an excellent choice for an evening of entertainment.

All of our tables are full sized professional tables and come complete with all gaming equipment, experienced croupiers in black tie and fun money to be given to the guests.

We ask that a prize is provided by the client for the person that collects the most money during the evening with a bottle of champagne being the most popular choice.

Playing time for the casino tables would be for a maximum of 3 hours continuous play up until Midnight.

The choice of tables are as follows: Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Craps & Wheel of fortune and Texas Holdem Poker, although Black Jack and Roulette are the most popular.

Personalised fun money can also be provided for an additional charge as well as our extensive range of Casino themed props and accessories.

Suitable for indoor or marquee use only

Operating Space Required: Black Jack and Craps measureĀ 6ft x 3ft and Roulette measures 8ft x 4ft. Room for playing and spectating is also required.