The DaVinci Chimes

In 1897 whilst working on an excavation in Venice, I came across a tomb that was filled with many mysterious items; however, the greatest of these was a pile of wooden artifacts and a set of what appeared to be chimes.

The artifacts so captivated me that I smuggled them out of the country and brought them back to my ancestral home.

At first I was unsure exactly what these were and meant, however, after three and a half years of painstaking research I concluded that these must be the Lost Chimes of Da Vinci.

Using Only Lord Wagsworth’s journals to unravel the mystery are you and your team up for the challenge in this race against time?


Dash for Cash


Dash for Cash







Benefits Communication * Listening * Team Cohesion * Fun for all
Group Size From 10 to 200
Duration From 3 to 6 hours
Location Nationwide

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