Corruption And Crime Commission Industrial Agreement 2013

The latest list of the latest public sector awards and agreements in Western Australia can be find on the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website. The Commission is a leading and highly respected anti-corruption authority, which has important functions under the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 for civil servants, organised crime and, since 1 September 2018, the confiscation of unexplained wealth and criminal benefits. Below is a list of active public sector awards and agreements. This list is maintained by public sector labour relations. Although every attempt is made to ensure that the information on this page is up to date, the accuracy, currency and reliability of the information cannot be guaranteed. The service disclaims any responsibility for claims that may arise from persons acting on this information or that do not act on this information. Are you ready to join an integration agency? The Corruption and Crime Commission is looking for your skills and experience to join our elite team of investigators as a forensic accountant, where you investigate unexplained wealth accumulated by illegitimate means, as well as serious misconduct and corruption. The Commission on Corruption and Crime (Commission) is a leading anti-corruption body whose main objective is to improve and reduce the integrity and reduction of the incidence of serious misconduct and corruption in Western Australia`s public sector. This is a great opportunity for any lawyer looking for or expecting a job to visit a competitive pool in the next 12 months that will be offered current and future employment opportunities. The Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages people with disabilities, Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders and people from different cultural backgrounds to apply.

. The job description form (JDF) defines the responsibilities and requirements of the role. . Candidates nominated in the pool may be considered for opportunities that may arise in the next 12 months. 2. A two-page statement dealing with competency requirements specific to the role of the Market Description Form (JDF) below: Have you become a lawyer because you want to make a difference? Is integrity part of your core values? Are you better off if you have a work-life balance and you do an incredibly difficult and sensible job for clients you are proud to work for? If you have problems with the system, you can call the human resources department at 9215 4888. The strength of the Commission`s legal services directorate is at the heart of the Commission`s tasks. As a member of this branch, you work with 13 outstanding lawyers and paralgals who passionately follow their work, their team and their internal clients (from the Commissioner to the Chief Executive Officer and Commission officials). . . .

The Operations Directorate manages the Commission`s investigative activities. The two Investigations and Operations Support divisions are working together to proactively identify and investigate allegations of gross misconduct and unexplained property. The Commission`s studies focus on systemic and complex issues, many of which require the use of expertise. To succeed in the application process, you must: . . Applications must be submitted online – applications on paper, late or proforma are not accepted. . During the selection process, the Commission will assess all aspects of the competency and leadership framework, engage in the professional development of its team and enable all workers to balance work and private life. If you are currently a permanent VA officer in the public service, a right of return to the VA public sector may apply.


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