Agreement Software As A Service

Structure: Does your document create a single contract with each client or can there be multiple contracts? In the case of a single contract, can different elements of the services be terminated independently of each other? 12.3. “Confidential information is information relating to the activity of the parties, in particular, but not limited to the design, product plans, software and technology, financial information, marketing plans, business opportunities, proposed terms, price information, discounts, inventions and know-how that are disclosed directly or indirectly by the parties. , not in writing, not orally, not otherwise, not before, before, or after the entry into force. given the nature of the information or the circumstances surrounding its dissemination, it would be reasonable to consider it confidential. Confidential information includes the contents of the agreement. The Client undertakes to keep the software and functions confidential through appropriate security measures, to use and disclose the same liabilities of accessories and taxes necessary for the internal use of the Services by the Customer, and not to produce copies of them, unless necessary for the use of the Services. In addition to termination rights, you should also tell some of the consequences of dismissal. The most important questions relate to customer data. Can the customer download all their data from the platform? Is the service provider required to make the data available to the customer? If so, when and how? And how much should the service provider remove customer data from its live and backup databases? (If the database contains personal data and the service provider is a processor of that personal data, it must be removed once the services are completed in order to comply with the PDPP.) Once you`ve chosen to use a template for your cloud service or SaaS contract, you need to choose which model. There are three main aspects of adequacy: the style of execution, the structure and the content. However, if you operate a small service provider that sells to corporate clients, you know that even if a corporate customer`s purchasing team is interested in purchasing a standard product, their legal team may not be willing to accept standard documents.


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